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Perhaps you’ve been dreaming about escaping the rut you’re in. You’ve been meaning to leave the city, change lifestyles, and live somewhere closer to Nature. Somewhere in the countryside where completely different things are meaningful and important. Our family is lucky: we managed to make this dream come true when we moved to Dióliget (Walnut Grove) a couple of years ago. Now we would like to share with you everything that has lit up our lives since we set foot in this magical place. We hope that the few days you spend here will allow you to experience this dream in real life. We hope Dióliget will help you recharge your batteries, or give you the strength to take the leap and make your dream of resettling into a completely different lifestyle a reality. We’re looking forward to having you in this wonderful place. The Misi Family If you wish to learn more about Our Story, click here.
"Time comes to a halt here. All the noise and disruptions of the world silence and your heart opens. Being here feels like home. You’ll be filled with joy and happiness."Márti and Milán, Ecser - Young couple Read more testimonials
for couples

For Couples

At Dióliget (Walnut Grove) everything is set for a weekend filled with romance. Shutting out the outside world and tuning in to each other and to Nature is guaranteed in our little huts and cottages. Below we have listed our most romantic nests and programs


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