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Our Story

Image00018 Both my husband and I are from the countryside; therefore, it’s no surprise that the memories of summers spent with our grandparents in small villages, as well as our love for village-life has always dwelled in our hearts. Once my husband and I found each other, our mutual fondness of a peaceful life in the countryside kept intensifying and we agreed that we would raise our children in a place we had been dreaming about.

Until 2012, both of us had been living and working in Budapest. My husband had been employed by the same IT company for 9 years and I had been working as a Marketing Manager. After making The Decision, we took the leap and dove into real estate tourism. We crossed the country many times to find the village of our dreams. From the Őrség to the Tisza Lake, we kept our options open; planning, dreaming fervently.
Image00005 We were on the verge of purchasing two properties when we stumbled upon a land in the outskirts of Lovasberény in an online ad. We had wanted to find a place with a touristic value, and the land with nearly 200 walnut trees was truly the work of Fate. It gave birth to Dióliget (Walnut Grove) and to our signature theme: walnuts. We moved into the present day Diófácska Présház (Walnut Tree Cottage), with no bathroom or kitchen inside; therefore, we had to walk over to the Zölddió Házikó (Green Walnut Cottage)to cook and to bathe. In the meantime, it turned out that I was carrying twins under my heart, so we knew that the construction work had to be sped up so that we could get everything done by the time the babies were due in October.

We began cultivating the three acre land, tending to animals, while raising twins, applying for grants, conducting construction work as complete rookies, knowing nothing at all. Thus we had to overcome countless problems and hardships, such as an unthinkable amount of administrative work involving getting permits and filling out paperwork. Although we often felt that we hit rock bottom, we never doubted that moving here and diving into this adventure was the best decision we had ever made.

The place was already gorgeous when we purchased it thanks to the incredible work that the previous owners had put in for which we will always be grateful. The surrounding area, the proximity of Lake Velence, the Velence Mountains and the Vértes Mountains offer thousands of events for everyone who wishes to visit this wonderful village (check out The Area tab).

We have fallen in love with Lovasberény, we’ve gotten accepted into the community and have found friends.Apart from opening people’s eye this exquisite place, we deem it our mission to make walnut more popular. We’ve fallen in love with this incredibly versatile plant from leaf to root; therefore, we dedicated The Wonders of Walnut menu solely for it.
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