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The Estate

Dióliget (Walnut Grove), a gorgeous 7.5 acre area, lies on the top of Szőlőhegy, in Lovasberény. With an incredible amount of work and dedication, the previous owners joined ten smaller lands and gave the neglected land a beautiful makeover. They preserved the loam walls of the dilapidated Diófácska Présház (Walnut Tree Cottage) and pulled a stone wall around it, making it more than 90 cm thick. They built another house also from stone that later we transformed into the Zöldió Házikó (Green Walnut Cottage). The previous owners planted walnut trees across the land. These magnificent trees swept us off our feet the first time we laid our eyes upon them. And our love for them hasn’t abated: we’ve become so passionate about them that in the past few years we’ve planted over a hundred more walnut saplings.

A few months after moving in, we bought our first six sheep as we couldn’t maintain this huge, grassy area on our own. Since then, Dióliget has served as the birthing place for many adorable little lambs. Currently we have twenty diligent sheep mow our lawn with a happy smile on their faces. In the past few years we’ve also tried raising chickens, goats, pigs with more or less success. 80% of our chickens, for example, were devoured by a famished fox.
IMG_1783k Dióliget is a home to another animal: our loyal Border Collie, River, was only eight weeks old when he arrived into our life, just a few days before the sheep did. We named him after our favorite show, River Cottage. River is a member of the Bordermánia (link) Kennel Club and has taken part in several competitions with flying colors. Our children as well as all our guests adore him which is no surprise, since River is a tireless play buddy. However, being the maniac that he is, sometimes we have to say no to him otherwise he would become quite mischievous.

Since we made this gorgeous place our home, we’ve renovated and transformed our tiny houses, planted sixty fruit trees, one hundred walnut trees, an acacia grove. We’ve built a stable and a playground, and we’ve built a main house with our own living quarters and four-guest houses.

We have a plethora of plans up our sleeve, and we hope we’ll have the opportunity, energy and finances to realize them.

If you would like to know how we found this magical place, click here: ”Our Story”.
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