For Couples

IMG_5576_s At Dióliget everything is set for a weekend filled with romance. Shutting out the outside world and tuning in to each other and to Nature is guaranteed in our little huts and cottages. Below we have listed our most romantic nests and programs:


    • Green Walnut Cottage is like a cute gingerbread house
    • Every romantic person’s dream is the Walnut Shell Studio with a breathtaking view to the lands and the surrounding area. The room has an open plane layout i.e no walls between the bathroom and the bedroom and it also has a garden area. The opportunities for romance are limitless…
    • Walnut Kernel Studio: with a garden and unique ambiance, this studio is so idyllic that even some bids have decided to make it their home :)
    • Walnut Flower Studio: This upstairs safe haven is the perfect choice to cozy yourself. Of course, there a lot of things to do in the are, should you decide to go exploring. Just ask us; we have plenty of suggestions

Our Services

  • Equipment for a Hungarian BBQ
  • Bike rental
  • Maps, Hike trail recommendations
  • A picnic basket filled with home made goods, local wine, and a blanket


  • Admiring the sunset
  • Picnic at two locations
    • Lake Lovasberény Gálos
    • Bodajk Gaja gorge at the clearing by the lake
  • Relaxing in the thermal baths of Agárd
  • Inhaling the scent and admiring the view of more than 250 herbs in the Föngyöskert Gyógyító Völgy (Föngyöskert Healing Valley) of Vértesacsa
  • Having a scrumptious lunch or dinner in the Bálint Borárium (Valentine Winery) of Pázmánd, also known as the Valley of Love
  • Having gelato at the Haumann Confectionary Lovasberény or a dessert at the Csuta Confectionary is Csákvár
  • Hiking – ask us for personal recommendations


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